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At least 200 Brazilian companies would be interested in establishing themselves in Anzoátegui

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Some 200 business roundtables have been held in recent months with Brazilian companies seeking to establish operations centers in Anzoátegui, eastern Venezuela.

By La Patilla – Jesús Albino

Nov 30, 2022

It was unofficially known that some food, oil services, agricultural supplies, and paper companies, among others, would be the main investors in the Venezuelan market.

Anzoátegui is in a strategic area for commercial operations, since it has an international airport, seaport and land access to Brazil, which makes it a strategic area for companies looking for warehouses and depots.

Adjustments are already being made in the industrial parks to accommodate importers and exporters who will expand their operations.

Gabriela Mújica, Manager of Aerocentro Parque Industrial, assures that “it has been noted as a movement of opening up to Brazilian companies, showing interest in storage spaces and collection centers. They perceive Anzoátegui State as a good storage and transit point due to its proximity to the Brazilian border.”

For some years now, Brazilian food products have been dominating the shelves in markets in the region, but apparently businessmen from that country hope to expand their operations even more.

Another very attractive sector, not only for Brazilian businessmen, but also for various countries in América and Europe, is oil. “If the prospect of opening up oil becomes tangible, we also anticipate that there will be interest from oil companies for large spaces in industrial parks,” said Ms. Mújica.

Although there has not been an official statement or specific figures on interested businesses between Brazil and Venezuela, in the markets you can see the diversification of product supply, not only food products, but also the Brazilian manufacturing industry.

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