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Guárico: They denounce forest burning in San Juan de los Morros

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Inhabitants of San Juan de los Morros, capital of Guárico State, denounced that they are affected by the forest fire in recent days in the hills adjacent to different communities of the capital.

By La Patilla

Feb 26, 2023

Santa Janet Torres, President of the ONG “Fundación Ambiental Ecológica Recicla Vidas”, assured that through the organization’s social networks they received different complaints from users regarding the burning of the surrounding hills.

“We have received various complaints from communities such as Banco Obrero, El Deportivo, Altamira, of the indiscriminate logging and burning that causes illness in children and adults. There are children who have been taken to hospitals with respiratory problems,” she indicated.

The president of Recicla Vidas urged the citizens of San Juan de los Morros to take care of the environment: “Let’s not throw garbage on the streets, nor burn… we are the ones who must create awareness so as not to continue contributing to the deterioration of the planet.”

Torres added that in addition to forest burning, they also received reports of people throwing garbage and dead animals into riverbeds and streams from different bridges of San Juan de los Morros.

She emphasized that the Fundación Ambiental Recicla Vidas plans to carry out two projects: a botanical garden and a recycling school, to promote environmental care. However, she added that to execute the aforementioned 2023 programs they hope to have the support of public and private entities.

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