Overwhelming protest of teachers in Las Mercedes del Llano in Guárico for a fair salary

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“We are teachers, we are not criminals,” said Yadilca Moreno, a teacher from the rural population of “Las Mercedes del Llano”, José Rondón municipality in Guárico, where this Monday, February 6, dozens of educators, workers, and teachers’ administrators protested once again for decent living wages.

By La Patilla

Feb 6, 2023

This was stated by Milinsi García, representative of the educational union in the municipality, who stressed that the majority of educators will remain in permanent assembly until the administration of Nicolás Maduro complies with article 91 of the National Constitution and guarantees a salary that allows them to meet their needs and improve the quality of life.

“Most of the teachers are on the streets and really only 4% of the students are attending (school) and the other 96% have not yet joined classes thanks to the support of the representatives in this fight. We hope that our salary will be valued and vindicated by the National Government,” asserted  Ms. García.

National flags, whistles and banners alluding to the demands for better socioeconomic conditions, were observed this Monday morning during the peaceful demonstration, which was also joined by healthcare sector workers, as well as parents and representatives of students in Las Mercedes del Llano.

The permanent assemblies in defense of the rights of teacher workers also continued this Monday, February 6yh, in the capital San Juan de los Morros, Roscio Municipality, and other jurisdictions within Guárico State.

With information from María Gabriela Romero.

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