Cases of intimidation and threats against educators in Táchira are denounced before the Labor Inspectorate

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With a crowded and substantial march, the teachers from Táchira State went to the headquarters of the Labor Inspectorate, located in San Cristóbal, to denounce 19 cases of alleged acts of intimidation and abuse of educators by school directors and supervisors of the Educational Zone .

By La Patilla

Feb 6, 2023

The information was released by Gerardo Ramírez, President of the National Federation of Education Workers, who stated that there are multiple complaints of harassment, intimidation, and threats by directors of the Educational Zone.

He demanded that the Labor Inspectorate summon directors who behave as political operators and not as managers of educational institutions, as it should be.

“There are directors who disrespect women, apply workplace harassment and use psychological terrorism,” said the union leader, for which he urged educators to denounce this type of events.

Evencio Zenón Farías, coordinator of the Tachira Teachers’ Union Coalition, indicated that they cannot allow the assemblies that the union has been developing, allowed in clause 81 of the collective contract, to be whimsically disregarded by the directors of some institutions.

“We are not willing to allow any type of abuse,” Mr. Zenón asserted, for which he assured that they will act before the courts, because some teachers have received threats to undergo administrative punitive procedure, without the directors having the competence to do so, and unaware circular 058 where the educational councils were established.

He indicated that the members of the “UBCH” (Unidades de Batalla de Chavez, Chavez’s battle units, pro government armed political strike groups)) do not have the academic competence and suitability to carry out administrative procedures, much less to give classes to the students.

On February 8th, the educators will develop a great day of protest to commemorate the first month of protests, for which they will concentrate in the Educator’s Roundup, and at 8:00 p.m. were they will perform a magisterial “cacerolazo”, accompanied by parents and representatives.

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